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Chatbots, Personal Assistants, Influencer Marketing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Experiential marketing,Digital Out of Home, etc are all tools to improve your touchpoints within your consumer experience. 


During a Fireside Chat we’ll focus on one Speedforward and have an expert explain the in and outs. 

Entry is FREE.

The second edition starts in November.

A DeepDive is a 3 hrs workshop aimed at finding touchpoints in your consumer experience that need improvement and defining the Speedforwards that can help you do that. 

We’ll share our latest thinking and insights on a world running on a new operating system and show what it means for Marketing with detailed cases on how companies in your and other industries are adapting.


The outcome is a Speedforward strategy with priorities for implementation.


We are living in an amazing moment in time. New technologies create new opportunities at an unrelated pace of change.


Nowlab is the Marketing Innovation Centre of Dentsu Aegis Network and Google. Our aim is to help Marketers understand this world, running on a new Operating System, in which media, advertising and technology are increasingly fused. 


Technology changes exponentially, organisations change logarithmically. Consumers are in between.

Marketers need to align their consumer experience with an ever more digital savvy consumer. Marketers are on the lookout for opportunities tech provides to improve their brands consumer experience. We call these Speedforwards.  And it's our job to help you find them. 






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Contact us to organise

a deepdive with your team

 We’ll let you touch and feel the latest tech that is changing the consumer experience.

Because it is one thing to see it on a slide, it's another thing to actually experience it.  

At Nowlab we have:

Google Home, Amazon Echo, Hi Mirror, the Colruyt VR shopping experience, Amazon Dash, Snap Spectacles, the VR Bike, the Interactive Shop Window and Tilt Brush.

Together we'll explore how these Speedforwards improve the consumer experience you offer.

we've been doing 

deep dives 

for these clients

On May 24th, we had the pleasure to have 3 international business leaders spoke at our CXO event.

In the video’s below you can watch the talk of :

Nigel Morris - CEO Dentsu Aegis Network The Americas

 Mark Howe - MD Google agencies in Europe, Middle East and Africa

 + The pictures of the best moments are here!



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